Monday, April 12, 2010


Monday, April 12, 2010
Well I finally got all my listings updated with my new design. It's something I've been wanting to do with forever, but with all the stuff going on over the last 6 months I had to put it all on hold, and then this last week has been HELL!!!

Unfortunately at the moment I can't log in because people keep coming in and out of here, but I am just soaking my panties with anticipation to break them in lol. It's so cool to finally get some time to update my stuff and get my listings and blog out there to really represent me more and share more of myself with my callers.

I'm working on updating my wishlist too. I used to have it set where guys had to purchase a gift card and couldn't ship to me, but now I have it set where they can and to be safe am just using my sister's address hehe. Let my brother in law deal with potential stalkers if they wanna try and come find me out here in the middle of nowhere LMAO.(Ok well it's not really the middle of nowhere, but it feels like it compared to being right there on the Gulf coast lol).

I'm working on adding new stuff since alot of my old things weren't available and I didn't keep up with adding actual items very well. I've always been more of a cash type girl and most of my guys and lil piggies out there knew I love the act of actually shopping on their money or gift certificate versusthe whole pick an item thing. But I am warming up to the idea and think it could be fun to give them a little more freedom to pick something special out for me, whether a special special something from one of my sweet callers, or a token of gratitude for the undeserved attention I give to the lowlife pigs that I'm unfortunately forced to share the same planet with. Some of them are so pathetic, I swear I need to shower when I hang up. If it wasn't for their money and presents, I would have a "block" list a mile long on Niteflirt and just focus on my real men with real cocks. But they serve their purpose too, and although the drooling little idiots can never give me what I need between my creamy thighs like most of my guys can, they can be amusing and worthwhile if their wallets are thick enough LOL. What can I say? I'm a girl that isn't afraid to say what I want and what's what. *winks*

For now though my wishlist is off to a good start, there's some higher end things on there that I have my eye on and some really adorable Kathy Van Zeeland purses that give me the squeels. One of my favorite guys in particular knows really well what a Kathy Van Zeeland bag fetish I have. *giggles*

So slowly but surely I am getting things in order. For the most part I should start being around more at nights after about 10/11pm EST, and usually on Mondays and Fridays I can get the house to myself and have some hot slick pound me nasty fun. If you don't see me on though, you can always hit me with an email and if I can sneak away to slip a hand in my panties I am so there. ;)